Visitor Information

Visitors residing outside a 10 kilometre radius of the Club are most welcome to sign in as guests at reception and enjoy the facilities we have to offer. 

Visitors must be aged 18 years.  Minors must be in the company of a parent or guardian.   Minors are permitted entry to the bistro only and must be fully supervised at all times.  Minors must not enter the gaming area at any time.  Minors are permitted to pass through the Sports Bar for bistro entry, but must not remain in the bar for any period of time.

Dress Code
The Mildura Working Man’s Club is a relaxed venue with a dress code that is easy to follow. 
To maintain a high standard, the following dress rules are to be abided by.  The following is not considered appropriate:
  • Brief shorts
  • Bare feet
  • Untidy, torn or frayed clothing
  • Caps/Beanies/Bandanas
  • Men’s singlets or sleeveless shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Torn or dirty footwear
  • Overalls/soiled workwear
  • Offensive printed t-shirts
Management’s decision shall be final in all matters relating to dress code, behaviour and minors.
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